Juliana Sih

Hi! I’m Juliana. I partner with you to create your dream life.



I’m a Life and Leadership coach that champions your dreams. I’ll remind you of your greatness and support you to take action from a new, empowered place.

I work with the movers and shakers who are looking to take their life to the next level. Your life is good already, but things are comfortable. You work really hard and have a steady nine-to-five job (more like eight-to-seven…), but you’re bored and your relationships are mediocre. You know there’s a deeper connection available if you only knew how to access it. Perhaps you had a dream long ago that you buried in your uncle’s grandmother’s basement (ha!) that you still contemplate. If any of this resonates, you are not alone! There is a different way of living—one full of freedom, purpose and fulfillment.

About Me

There was a time not too long ago where I had a good life. I went to University, had the 9-5 career in research and yet, still woke up feeling unhappy. Unhappy about work, my relationships and the direction my life was going in. I craved more purpose, fulfillment, connection, love and freedom. Although on the outside everything seemed good, I couldn’t let go of this feeling that I was meant to be and do more.

With the help of my own coach, I took a stand for my dream. It wasn’t easy. It meant the willingness to explore, change, learn, take risks and go beyond my comfort zone. But today, I can honestly tell you that it was all worth it. I love my life and what I am creating.

Are you ready? Your dream life is waiting, all you have to do is choose it.

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Mentor Coach
Accomplishment Coaching
October 2018 to Present

Corporate Coach
November 2018 to Present

Founder and Head Coach
JuSih Coaching, LLC.
April 2018 to Present



B.S. Biotechnology
University of Houston
Spring 2011

ICF Certified Coach
Accomplishment Coaching
November 2017—October 2018


Relevant Experience

Guest Speaker
Santee High School    
December 2018—Present

Leadership and Public Speaking
Toastmasters International  
November 2017—Present


Essence & Languages











During our time together, I found Juliana to be a very thoughtful and generous coach. She gave me a lot of room to sort things out and clarify what was unclear for me while also always providing tangible, practical tools that I could apply to each issue I was working through. She does this all with kindness, patience, and a firm commitment to integrity around consistency with the work. I appreciate her so much!
— Anisha Adusumilli, Actress
If you ever get a chance to work with Juliana Sih as a life coach, do so. I have done a good bit of ontological work, but have not encountered someone as open to possibility and committed to my success as Juliana. She is very patient, yet stays focused on my goals. She listens for what I say that can open up new paths and understanding. She is half my age, yet speaks with a wisdom that is beyond her years. She has opened my life up to the ways that I have limited myself in my work, relationships, home life, lifestyle, nutrition, and meditation. Get to know her, before she gets really busy, because she is very special.
— Peter Ewing, Teacher, Artist and Entrepreneur


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