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Juliana Sih

Let me tell you a little about my story...

There was a time in my adult life where I was lost, anxious, depressed, had low-self esteem and felt broken.  And although I had a "great" job and graduated from University, I felt disconnected from myself, my purpose and my deepest desires. 

My awakening happened during a college class when I watched a movie called "The Secret". The movie suggests that by thinking about certain things will make them appear in one's life. This concept blew my mind, no one had every told me that my thoughts and the relationship I had with myself, would in anyway affect my reality.

I felt like a victim to my thoughts and "The Secret" made me feel empowered. As I dove deeper through reading + listening to podcasts + practicing + researching + understanding myself, I felt more fulfillment, joy and happiness. In the process, I lost the sad story of how I wasn't enough, how there was something wrong with me and how I didn't deserve happiness. By letting go of my fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs, I was able to find my power and confidence. Through those changes, I found success and fulfillment. 

I seek to help people find their passion and freedom so they can claim their own personal greatness. 


Training through Accomplishment Coaching, accredited by the International Coach Federation